Sunday, April 22, 2012

(Novel) York City

I guess I'm going to start writing in this thing so as to remember all of the things that I think about when I do stuff in the real world....

I went to NYC for the first real time and it was.... AMAZING! I spent my weekend with Sir T. Wilks, balling it up in the park across from his apartment. The park was really clean and everyone was very nice. Tom and I traded baskets and wins over the weekend leaving me sore and exhausted (In a good way).

Tom's apartment was very spacious (sans the bathroom), contrary to what I had heard. Located in the northern part of Brooklyn, corner of Starr and Irving. Which was mainly an Hispanic area so it was fun being the minority for once (I swear I'm not racist). Had some great food, coffee and beers while walking down the streets of his neighborhood. Touring the life of Mr. Willkens, a NYC resident. Soaking up the sights sound and smells!

The only bad part of the trip was the fucking Rooster!!! It crowed all weekend. I made plans to end it's miserable life, Operation Cock-A-Doodle-Doo. But decided it was best to leave it in peace...

Good night readrrs!