Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the Final Stash down!

Here it is friends Final Stash 2009! Here I am trying to capture the essence of the Brad Pitt stash!

My eyes look crazy but that's okay!

This summer has been the best facial hair attempt of my life! That means I am of age and can go off to war to fight other beard growers! Let us enlist!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Facial Beards?

Here are the facial beards I have been working on for the past month!

Take 1:
The Goat Tea

Take 2:
The Truck Stash

Of course the mustache came later and I am stuck with it now but I am fine with that and I will most likely shave it in a week anyways. Though, I would say that this is my best facial forest attempt to date and hopefully one day I will actually be able to grow a full beard!

Be safe,

Thunder Mama

A whole new world!

Hello Everyone .... or one person!

It's me Paet! I'm commin' at ya with hair fairer than most with spelling and grammatical errors in every post! I will present you with my dribble and drabble and you can judge me and declare your verdict with the clash of a gavel!

So.... how are you doing?!